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The diagnostic help out lined below is intended to be used only by professional appliance repair technicians.

If you are attempting to repair your Range/Stove/Oven yourself, be aware that you are working with potential dangerous electrical currents that can cause serious injury or death. Be aware that appliance parts have extremely sharp edges and moving parts that can cause serious injury or death.

Always remove the power source from the unit you are working on. Unplug it! When unplugging or removing power source, double check to make sure you removed the proper cord or turned off the proper breaker when tightening part, make sure that if the tool you are working with or your hand slips, you will not be injured by sharp or ragged edges.

Keep children and pets away from working area and disassembled washer parts. Be aware that there are other hazards involved in appliance repair, besides those listed above that may cause serious injury or death. Use extreme caution when installing or removing parts.

Range/Stove/Oven and Cooktop Repair Help

Be aware that the repair tips and diagnostic information given below is general in nature and is not meant to be all inclusive nor necessarily apply to your unit.

Although your modern stove, range or oven will eventually need a repair part or two, they are
sometimes very easy to install. Your average range, cook top surface unit burner will usually last 
six years or longer.  Range and oven bake elements under normal use will usually work for eight years or more. Broil units usually hold up much longer. It is not unusual to see Range/Stove/Oven units that are 20 years old or older that have never needed repair parts.

Diagnostic repair information applies to most range, stove and oven units including Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Amana, Maytag, Magic Chef, KitchenAid and Frigidaire.

Some oven repair tips.
If your bake or broil element in your oven or range is not working,
and you can’t see any exterior damage such as a small hole in element 
where it has shorted out or any other obvious parts damage, it may have a wire
 that has come off the terminal clip on element, or one of the wires may have shorted 
where it connects to bake unit terminals. Since a lot of folks buy stove, range and oven parts
 only to find out later that the problem was a burnt wire, it might save you an
unnecessary oven repair parts expense if you check this out before purchasing this part.

If you have an ohm meter (available at most hardware stores) you can check 
oven-range-stove element for resistance.  Usually if it shows resistance it is an indicator 
that the burner is good and the problem may be in the range, stove, oven selector 
switch or thermostat.

Your range, stove, oven surface unit parts as shown above may start working erratically.
 If this is so, The terminal ends on stove burner may be charred or burnt. This will cause range 
burner to lose electrical contact at times with the terminal block it plugs into. It is quite often
 better to replace both range parts. If terminals on surface unit is burnt then the contacts
 on the block are probably burnt also. If new unit is used with burnt block these
 range oven repair parts may not last very long or give proper service.

If your range, stove, oven cooktop surface unit switch such as the one shown above
 becomes defective, your burner may stay at high heat when you turn it on, even if you
 have it at a low setting.  Of course burner element may not come on at all when switch 
is turned on. Repeat, the main symptoms when these range, stove parts become defective is
 to much heat or no heat.

These oven, stove, range  terminals are installed with ceramic wire nuts that usually 
come with parts kit, along with installation instructions. 
To obtain the best repair results when using wire nuts, make sure each wire you are 
connecting to each other is bright and shiny.  You may need to use sandpaper 
on wires to achieve this result.

Bake_Element-150x150Wire to terminal may be burned, shorted or has come loose.

Oven_Repair-150x147Delta support type "push in - pull out" type surface unit burner. Terminal ends may become burnt and not make good contact with terminal block.

Switch Black_Terminal-150x111The contacts on surface unit terminal blocks may become burnt and the burner when turned on may work erratically or not at all.